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Case Studies
Testimonial: Marcellus “Dat Dude” Wiley, All-Pro Defensive End

“Through 10 years of physical punishment in the NFL, Doc Murray and his team constantly afforded me opportunities to display my talents, despite four surgeries. After tearing my hamstring on the second day of double-days, my spirits were low… Trainers said I needed a two week rest period, but “Doc” and the group got me back on the field in two days through his intelligence of the human body and rapid attention given to my injury. Thanks Doc. You’re true professionals. You are beyond the best!!!” – Marcellus “Dat Dude” Wiley, All-Pro Defensive End, 1997-2006

Case Study: Knee Pain

A woman felt pain in the front of both knees. After visiting a few orthopedic surgeons, she began to think that her knees would never get better. She thought she would have to give up all sports but hoped to remain active and, ideally, begin triathlon training.

After talking with and assessing the patient, Dr. Brendan Murray’s team pinpointed the causes of her pain. He designed rehabilitation and strengthening programs for her. Along with her own dedication to healing, Dr. Murray’s team resolved her chronic pain. Now, she competes in triathlons and marathons.

Case Study: Low Back Pain

For two years after a waterskiing accident, a 30-year-old man had unrelenting lower-back pain. He had already been to one chiropractor without any changes. The pain forced him to stop normal workouts and affected his daily activities.

Dr. Murray’s group assessed that the patient was not benefiting from mobilizing his back. Instead, they prescribed strengthening and rehabilitation beginning with a back-stabilization program that targeted the middle of the back, lower back, and pelvis, each of which had played a part in chronic pain. Within three months, the patient was asymptomatic and returned to all normal activities, including playing basketball and softball all without pain.

Case Study: Outer Hip and Knee Pain

A competitive triathlete had a six-month history of outer-hip and knee pain (ITB syndrome). The pain did not relent with physical therapy. She was in chronic pain whenever she ran which significantly affected her ability to train for triathlons.

Unhappy with her performance, she visited Dr. Murray’s clinic. The team diagnosed the cause of the problem and corrected her back, pelvis, hip, and knee mechanics. After learning rehabilitation exercises, she is now running pain free and has resumed her triathlon training.

Case Study: Shoulder Pain

A patient complained of pain in her right shoulder, persisting after an injury suffered from a car accident two years prior to her initial visit. She saw at least two surgeons and two physical therapists without any alleviation. As a professional hair stylist, her job was endangered due to the debilitating pain.

Dr. Murray’s clinicians discovered the neck was actually the cause of most of the pain. In addition to the neck, the team worked with the patient to make corrections in the shoulder and upper back. She rehabilitated her neck and shoulder and her pain resolved, she is back at work.

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