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Musculoskeletal disorders are the #2 cause of lost time from work (behind the common cold), affecting muscles, joints, tendons, ligaments, and nerves.
Disorders occur when the body part is called on to work harder, stretch farther or function at a greater level then it is prepared to.

Every injury to the skeletal system is the result of the breakdown of one of the tissues mentioned above. The articles in this section describe many common injuries, what has been injured and why it was injured.
Our philosophy at the Institute for Spine and Sports Care is to first get you out of pain then teach you how to remain pain free. Being able to prevent injuries by understanding a few simple concepts empowers you to be in control of your health. You will also find articles on why exercise helps injuries along with nutritional information to allow you to heal quickly.

Please feel free to send us any question or give the office a call to see if we can help you with any problems you may have.  

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New - ITBS Syndrome

New - Low Back Pain and Disc Injuries

New - Why is Rehabilitation the Key to Low Back Pain Relief

Surfing Injuries
Knee injuries are common in sports
Exercise Information
What Causes Pain?
Degenerative Disc Disease
Facet Syndrome
Ligament Injuries

About Rehabilitation
What Is Rehabilitation and How Do You Know It Is Necessary
Help Your Injury With Nutrition
Strategic Nutrition for Joint Health
What is Arthritis and how did I get it

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