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Dr. Murray is a team doctor
and Head of the Medical
Board (Co-Chair) for the
USA Olympic Weightlifting
Get Back in the Game…Fast™

Professor to physicians, doctor to Olympic athletes, Dr. Brendan Murray has trained a team of high-performance chiropractors, massage therapists and rehab specialists at his Santa Monica clinic, the Institute for Spine and Sports Care.

Whether you are a serious athlete, play sports for fun, or just want to get fit again, an injury can throw you off track. Chronic pain keeps you away from the office, your exercise routine, your loved ones. When you don’t have time for limitations, Dr. Murray and his team can help you become an active participant in life again.

After diagnosis and decreasing pain, they will help you reeducate and strengthen your body to get quicker results. So whether your are a serious athlete or weekend warrior, call (310) 998-5800 to schedule your examination and get back in the game… fast!

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